Laurent Thiebault Technical Leader

About me

Currently Technical Leader at Decathlon and graduated of MIAGE Master's degree, I am thirsty for learning and sharing! Indeed, passionate about IT, I like to keep abreast of new developments in the field, whether technical (languages, methods and work environment) or leisure (innovation, general public, hi-tech). Young, dynamic and voluntary, I love to live my passion by participating in innovative projects while sharing my knowledge.


Programming remains my passion, I love solving problems with awesome technologies, frameworks & languages.


I am passionate about web technologies and even more by frameworks and libraries allowing us to create rich single page applications


If we want awesome code, we must have an awesome tooling. That's why I am also attentive to the latest tools to increase our productivity


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In this talk, Cyril Lakech and me are talking about NestJS, a progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, reliable and scalable server-side applications.

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Vanilla.js #backToBasics

In this talk I explain the basics of JavaScript. Variable scope, hoisting, closures, prototypes, syntatic sugar... A lot of great concepts !

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Desktop apps with Electron

In this talk I explain how to create awesome desktop apps with Electron by Github. I also code a songbox in live coding.

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Chatbots with

In this talk I speak about chatbots, NLP, intents... and how to create a simply chatbot with I also code a chatbot "illico-resto" in live coding.

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Personal Projects

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Code Notes

Code Notes is a simple code snippet & gist manager for developers built with Electron & Vue.js 🚀. The aim of this project is to make us more efficient by offering a pretty cool tool : a king of notepad for our code 😃📝.

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Food Limit

It's a university project. This application of food management aims to simplify our life by providing a good way to integrate what we are going to eat and avoid food waste.

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